Germany Visa

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Germany is one of the largest countries in Europe which encompasses a wide range of landscapes including

  • The sandy, rolling plains of the north
  • The tall, sheer mountains of the south
  • The agricultural plains of the east
  • Forest hills of the urbanized west

It has never been more organized and stress-free to travel to Germany no matter what the purpose of your travel is. But it is now more convenient and fun to travel with the help of visa services of the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai.

Categories of Germany Visas offered by Global Connect

Different types of visas can be applied to the client’s situation depending on the purpose of their travel. Individuals must apply for a different Schengen visa according to their situation

Following are the Germany Visa categories offered by Global Connect

Germany Visit Visa


• Passport with issue date within the previous ten years
• Passport size photographs
• Copy of your ticket
• Application form copy
• Explanation of your flight bookings, hotel bookings
• Schedule your planned activities during the visit.
• Proof of having enough money to fund your travel recent statement from your bank
• Explanation of your reason to visit Germany

Germany Work Permit


• A valid passport
• German-recognized qualifications and educational certificates
• All the documentation and filled application
• A job offer from a German-based employer
• Proof of sufficient old age pension
• Passport size colored photographs

Germany Study Visa


• A valid passport
• Details of your secondary education
• Certificates and transcript of your undergraduate studies
• GRE or GMAT tests for admission
• Test certificate for the German language
• Passport size photos
You will be aware of any additional requirements by your university before your application

Germany Business Visa


• Passport size photos (2)
• A valid passport
• Completed application form
• Travel insurance policy
• Proof of having enough funds to pay for your trip
• If you are traveling on behalf of your company then a cover letter from your company is required
Invitation letter and details from the company you will be visiting

Germany Visitor Visa

If you want to visit Germany as a tourist or to meet your friends and relatives then you will need a short-term visa to visit Germany. This short-term visit visa is known as the Schengen visa. The validation of this visa is about 90 days.

Schengen visa is credible in all the countries of Europe which are part of the Schengen agreement. This visa allows its holder to travel in Germany as well as all the other Schengen European countries.

Explore the beautiful landscapes of Germany with Global Connect's Visa Services

Our experienced consultants at Global Connect will provide you with all the help you need to apply for a Schengen visa such as:

  • Guidance on filling out the application forms
  • Advise on funds needs to be shown
  • Advise on the required documentation
  • Reviewing all the documents required for the visa

Germany Work Permit

Get a chance to upgrade your life with a Germany Job seeker Visa

Being the 5th largest economy in the world, Germany has always been a cultural and economic powerhouse that is looking for skilled professionals. This European country has now opened its doors to skilled migrants for contribution to the country.

Germany proposes multiple opportunities for the experts as it is a center of research and innovation in Europe. Germany has a thriving economy and a high standard of living which make it one of the world’s best places to settle and build your life.

5 reasons to work and live in Germany

  1. No requirement for IELTS
  2. The need for workers in Germany is over 400,000
  3. High pay package
  4. Millions of job vacancies
  5. High standard of living 

Migrate to Germany and get a long-term residency

Those foreign specialists which earn the same amount of money as German workers can be entitled to an EU Blue Card and after 33 months, they are entitled to a permanent residence permit.

The job seeker visa is a long-term Residency Permit that enables its holder to stay in Germany for 6 months and look for a job.

How does Global Connect help with Germany Work Visa?

Global Connect provides unbiased visa services for every client according to their demands. As we are one of the best immigration companies in Dubai, we assist our clients at every step of the whole application process:
• You will receive expert counseling and guidance for immigration to Germany
• Our experts will provide you with the expert career counseling
• We also provide
German language coaching
• You can get free eligibility check from Global Connect

Germany Business Visa

Fulfill your dream to build a business in the center of Europe!

This short-term visa enables its holders to visit Germany for various business reasons including

  • Employment
  • Corporate meetings
  • Partnership meetings


Validity of German Business Visa:

It allows a stay of 90 days in Germany or any other Schengen region.

Processing Time of Germany Business Visa

Intake 1
•Summer Semester
•Duration: between March to August
•Application submission: before 15th January
Intake 2
• Winter Semester
• Duration: Between February to March
• Application submission: Before 15th July
Germany Study Visa
If you are planning to study overseas, Germany is an ideal destination for you as it ooffers a world-class education with thrilling urban life. Germany accepts immigrants from all over the world due to its welcoming culture. You will get a quality education with infinite opportunities to research.

Your visa application can take 10 to 15 days to be processed which is why, applicants must apply at least 3 weeks before their travel to Germany.

Set up your Business in Germany with Global Connect's Visa Services

Our team will assist you in the following crucial steps for your visa application:

Required Documentation

How to show funds

Finalize the application process

Document review

Updates and follow up