USA Visa

Explore the highly diverse population and climate of the United States of America

Covering a vast swath of North America, the U.S. is a country of 50 States with Hawaii extending the presence of the nation into the Pacific Ocean and Alaska in the northwest.

Its Major Atlantic Coast cities include

New York

Washington, DC

On the west coast, Los Angeles is present which is famous for being the center of Hollywood

Categories of USA Visa

USA Visit Visa


• A valid passport
• Air tickets
• Proof of enough funds to support the visit
• Details of the reason for visiting the US
• Sufficient insurance coverage
• Details of your place of stay
• Proof that you will not be staying in the US beyond your visa limit
• Financial documents

USA Work Visa


• Passport
• Passport size photographs
• Confirmation page of DS-160.
• Payment of SEVIS application fees
• Form I -20
• Non-immigrant application
• You will be informed of additional
requirements by your institution

USA Study Visa


• A valid passport
• Minimum of 12 points to apply for an H1B visa for your application to be assessed
• A Bachelors’s or Masters’s degree or work experience of 12 years
• Verified documentation Passport size photos

USA Business Visa


Your application package must contain the following things:
• A valid passport
• Proof of funds to support your travel and stay
• The explanation for your reason for visiting the US
• If traveling as an employee then a letter from your employer
• If you are a businessperson then proof of business ownership Insurance

USA Visit Visa

Travel to the USA for meeting your loved ones anytime you want

The US B2 is an ideal short-term visa for travelers visiting friends and family in the US, traveling for tourism, or traveling to the US for medical purposes.

Categories of US Visit Visa

Different types of short-visit visas are offered by the US for tourists, business travelers, and future spouses.

  • B1 Visa
  • B2 Visa
  • Transit C Visa
  • Transit D Visa

B-visa for the US allows its holder to engage in the following activities during their stay in the US:

  • Arrive in the US on a holiday
  • Visit friends and relatives
  • Visit cities in the US
  • Participate in social events, music events, or sports
  • Visit the US for medical purposes
  • Attend short-term courses

The B-2 is a short-term, non-immigrant visa that allows its holders to enter and stay in the US for a limited time.

A transit visa or US visitor visa is for those who are planning a short visit to the US to conduct business or as tourists

USA Study Visa

Pursue a top-level higher education with the help of the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai

The USA is one of the leading destinations for students as it offers remarkable scope from all streams to study students. It is also an ideal country for students looking to study and build a life after graduation as its economy requires new talent all the time.

5 Reasons to Choose the USA for Study

  1. Diverse, healthy, and safe communities
  2. Flexible routine
  3. Affordable education
  4. Excellent support system for foreign students
  5. Internship opportunities
  6. Good campus lifestyle

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USA Work Permit

We made it easy to work in the US as a professional worker

One of the most popular ways to work in the United States is the US H1B Visa which is applied by an employer on behalf of the employee. This visa is only granted to specialists so applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree in IT, medicine, science, finance, architecture, etc.

Why Work in the USA

1. Handsome salary packages
2. High demand for specialists
3. Earning in USD
4. Direct path for getting a Green Card
5. A chance to settle in the USA with your family

How Global Connect can help

• Assistance in the US work permit
• To work at a branch or subsidiary of the current employer
• Document preparation
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• Apply for H1B Visa and seize this life-changing opportunity to work in the US

USA Business Visa

Apply for US B1 Business Visa and get on the path to success

The US attracts millions of business visitors every year as it is the center of global commerce. US B1 Business Visa is a short-term visa for business travelers and supports business activities. This visa is valid for the period of 6 months to 12 months.

With the help of Global Connect, you will be able to identify the right approach to apply for your B1 visa. We will help you with creating your application and filing it with the surety of having the highest chance of receiving a visa quickly.

Build Your Business in the US with Global Connect's Services

B1 Business Visa permits its holders to conduct various business-related activities including:

• Sales or investment meetings
• Conducting negotiations
• Discussion of purchases
• Business investments
• Attend meetings
• Employees hiring

Reach us now and get help with:

• Application filling
• Documentation
• Documents review
• Completion of the whole application process