United Kingdom Visa

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Comprised of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, the UK is located in northwestern Europe. The capital of the UK is a globally influential center of culture and finance which makes this country economically one of the most powerful countries in the world

Categories of UK Visas provided by Global Connect

UK Visit Visa

●Personal documents
●Travel history
●Income and financial details
●Proof that you can afford your air travel, your stay, and your departure at the end of the visit

UK Work Visa

● Certificate of the Sponsorship reference number
● Passport
● Evidence of English language proficiency
● Designation
● Occupation code of the employment
● Annual salary

UK Study Visa

● A valid passport
● CAS reference number
● Documents that are used for attaining CAS
● Proof that you can afford your living expenses during your study

UK Business Visa

● Personal documents
● Travel history
● Salary and financial details
● Proof that you can pay for your travel, fund your stay, and leave when your visa expires.

UK Innovator visa and UK HPI visa consultations are also available at Global Connect.

UK Visit Visa Details

Reach amazing destinations
and places in the UK without
any restrictions

A UK visit visa is officially called a UK Standard Visitor Visa, for which you must apply at least three months before your planned trip date. This visa allows you:
● To plan your vacation in an excellent holiday spot
● To meet your friends and family residing in the UK.
● To attend an interview, meeting, or conference
● To volunteer to work with a charity organization or participate in school exchange programs.
● To receive medical treatment
● You need to maintain your funds for 28 days
● Colored passport-size photos
● Indication of the business activities you will conduct in the UK.

Explore the most popular places
in the fascinating UK with the help
of our tour guidelines and enjoy

Explore the most popular places in the fascinating UK with the help of our tour guidelines and enjoy:
● Fascinating history
● Impressive arts
● Breath-taking views
● A chance to stay in the UK for 6 months
● Sports events
● A pleasant dining experience in top restaurants.

Duration Of UK Visit Visa

This visa lasts up to six months but can be extended by paying additional charges if you are receiving private medical treatment or attending an academic program.

Global Connect: The Best Consultant Agency for UK Visit Visa

Our experienced, and expert consultants provide all the guidelines to applicants by helping them with:

  • The entire process of application
  • Immigration documents checklist
  • Application filing
  • Forms and documents
  • All the updates and follow-ups

UK Work Visa Details

Migrate To the United Kingdom and Earn what you Deserve!

UK Skilled Worker visa allows people from other countries to work in the UK and eventually take up permanent residency in this amazing country where they can enhance their living standards.

This visa helps skilled workers to get an offer letter and stay in the UK for up to 5 years without a labor market test.

5 Reasons to choose the UK for Work and Residence

  1. High-quality of living
  2. One of the top five economically strongest countries in the world,
  3. For permanent citizens, free healthcare facilities
  4. Millions of job opportunities
  5. World’s top-ranking universities are located here

Privileges of UK Work Permit

If you are a skilled professional but not an EU national and want to be employed and live in the UK, then a UK work visa is needed. This visa allows its holder to:

  • Freely move to the UK
  • Bring spouse
  • Bring dependents
  • Earn a minimum of £30000

The holders of UK work permits can obtain permanent residence after working in the UK for five years. So UK work permit allows you to become a citizen of the UK, where you can upgrade your living standards.


Global Connect can also provide Fast Track Visas to healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses.

UK Study Visa Details

Don’t stop yourself to pursue a quality higher education from one of the universities in the UK

The UK has been one of the world’s dominating educational destinations with top-ranking, centuries-old universities.

The UK is among the best countries for students looking for high-quality education. Global Connect assists applicants at every step of their admissions process. We have the experience, experts to guide students, and reasonable service packages to make your studies stress-free.


Why Choose the UK to Study

  1. Affordable education
  2. One of the most favored educational destinations with a welcoming environment
  3. Best-ranked universities
  4. Annually, over 600,000 students from all over the world come to the UK to study.
  5. UK higher education institutes offer degrees that are recognized worldwide.
  6. Considerable research opportunities
  7. Scholarships and financial support
  8. Permission of part-time work while you study.

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Studying in the UK has now become much easier with the Consultation of Global Connect

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● Our consultants will provide you with all the details on the required documents for the visa and how to show the funds needed for the visa.
● We will review your documents for you
● Our experts will provide free counseling to choose the right program.
● It is our responsibility to help you pursue your dream education in the UK

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We assist our clients at every step of their visa application journey. Thanks to our extensive experience in the UK immigration process, we can assure our clients' work permits and business visas in no time.
You will get the following services from our experts in affordable service charges:

● Full application processing
● Immigration documents checklist
● Complete application filing
● Form and documentation guidance
● Updates and follow up

UK Business Visa Details

UK business visa allows its holders up to 6 months stay in the UK so you can apply for this visa if you want to:

  • Join a UK-based business
  • Attend a meeting, conference, or training
  • Take part in a sports activity
  • Conduct some other business activities

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